In line with his laudable commitment to society and the youth, MrEMEDITH launched, in 2012, a multi-dimensional social responsibility project;

The first dimension entails delivering FREE personal development/life-skills motivational sessions to Indigent Public Secondary School Students and undergraduates. This is aimed at developing these youths in line with the 21st century requirements whilst encouraging them to reach for their dreams and maximise thier potential regardless of thier background and financial situation.

The Second dimension takes the form of ‘The EMEDITH essay competition for Public Secondary School Students’, where cash awards are presented each year to 3 public school students who will distinguish themselves in a particular essay topic as determined by MrEMEDITH.

The third dimension of TEP entails regular visits to orphanages and homes for the disabled to engage the children with fun and games and refreshments as well as deliver personal development and motivational talks to the children.

The EMEDITH YOUTH SERIES (EYS) is the latest part of ‘The EMEDITH Project’, and is a faith-based youth forum where youths between the ages of 18 – 35 years can come and bear their minds, empower themselves, build spirituality, transform mindsets, engage in progressive conversations, and also share opinions on contemporary issues that they face in their daily lives, especially those issues for which they have not found a proper outlet and which continually plague their minds. The EYS will be built on the twin pillars of Openness and Non-‘Judgementalism’.

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