About EMEDITH Youth Series

The EMEDITH YOUTH SERIES (EYS) is the latest part of ‘The EMEDITH Project’, and is a faith-based youth forum where youths between the ages of 18 – 35 years can come and bear their minds, empower themselves, build spirituality, transform mindsets, engage in progressive conversations, and also share opinions on contemporary issues that they face in their daily lives, especially those issues for which they have not found a proper outlet and which continually plague their minds. The EYS will be built on the twin pillars of Openness and Non-‘Judgementalism’.

Remember:“A problem shared is a problem halved”.   Meaning ‘If you talk about your problems, it will, at least, lessen the burden by half.’



  • DATE: To be announced
  • TIME: 2PM – 3PM
  • ADDRESS: Plot 10B, Flat 5 Noble Court, Noble Close,
    Whitesands Road,
    Lekki, Lagos.
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